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Austin in home & Southwind clients take a break from social skills to go fishing & have a picnic at East Side Lake.

Travel time!

In June I had the pleasure of taking two clients Amy and Tiffany from Orchard Creek to the Quad Cities.  We went to the Field of Dreams, where the movie was filmed.  We got to go to the John Deere Museum and had lots of fun sitting in the tractors.  We went on a big river boat cruise and learned fun facts about that area.  We went to the Zoo and got to see up close two giraffes, among other animals.  We got to explore the mall and we got to have fun dining out.  At the hotel we swam in the pool. The ladies had a great time!

Submitted by Heidi Jensen DSP

Having FUN!

Every once in awhile we all have to take a some time out from working hard to have fun!

Craft time!

Cassie from Indian heights taught a Decoupage class at Cardinal and everyone left with a beautiful new bottle!

Meet Andrew!

Prairie View Place opened up December 1, 2015 and is the home of Andrew. He grew up in Chatfield and is doing well transitioning to a bigger city in Rochester. We call him the Master Griller due to his love and dedication into making delicious food on his grill. Andrew enjoys various outside activities. He recently has been introduced to morel mushroom hunting by our evening staff, Tyler. Andrew enjoys anything that helps him get “dirty, dirty” and can be classified as an outdoorsman. He can also be spotted walking around downtown and working out at the YMCA. Andrew is happy in his new place and is proud to call it his home.

Happy Birthday Juanita!

Juanita turned  another year younger this year. She chose to go out to Wild Bills for supper and staff took her out for Dough Boys Cookie dough for dessert which she loved.  While at Wild Bill’s Juanita and her roommate played a horse race which won them some free drinks! Happy Birthday Juanita! 🙂


The Austin crew attended the Minnesota Self-Advocacy Conference in Bloomington on May 12th and 13th. We attended a yoga class, self defense, self advocacy bingo, and living your dream sessions.  We learned that differing abilities should never hold them back from trying to achieve their dream and that we need to speak up for ourselves and what is important to us.  During class we learned that advocacy has come a long way and there are many who have worked hard to get us where we are today. We also had fun, which is a Cardinal Core Value.  We made new friends, some won at bingo, we relaxed in the hot tub, ate good food, and danced the night away.  We recommend to other self advocates to attend the Minnesota Self Advocacy Conference in 2019.

Carol turns 75!

Carol celebrated her 75th birthday this year! She started the day off with her favorite food…WAFFLES! Next, she went to the Cardinal office for her birthday party. She was joined by her daughter, cousin, and aunt, along with her housemates, staff members, other cardinal clients, and staff from Wellner. Carol enjoyed a meat and cheese tray, fruit salad, and virgin grasshoppers. To top everything off, there was a cupcake shaped cupcake cake with purple frosting. Carol was overjoyed to see the cake and blow out the candles. After the party, Carol went out to eat with her daughter and spoke with her brother over the phone. The next day, Carol stated that the party was the best birthday party she ever had. 😊