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All Cardinal Wellner staff recently spent a crisp fall morning out on the low ropes course of Camp Victory working together to achieve team challenges.  Cardinal has always has annual “RS Retreats” where the focus is on team-building and getting to know other RS’s in the company but this was the first time the office staff were invited to do the same.  We practiced a few trust exercises, learned about communication and were forced outside our comfort levels and had a TON of fun doing it!  We hope to make his an annual event.

2017 Ann Ferguson Community Service Award

Cardinal staff recently received the 2017 Ann Ferguson Community Service Award for Human Services! Cardinal staff is described as having positive attitudes, always willing to go above and beyond expectations, is flexible and are receptive to constructive criticism in order to make life better for those they support. They have been creative in finding ways to serve people to meet their individual needs while listening to and taking into consideration the thoughts and ideas from families and case managers. The Cardinal staff, company wide, have a can-do attitude that blends dedication, support, respect and fun! Please enjoy photos from the event!

Cardinal Gives Back

As business members of the community, we believe that we have a responsibility to help those in our community that are in need.   Cardinal feels this so strongly that it’s our goal to donate approximately five percent of our pretax income.  One of the ways that we give back is by donating accessible vans to those in need.  The delight on the faces of the recipient is such a good feeling of joy knowing we have made a difference in their and their family member’s lives. We began donating vans in 2009 and to date we have given away 14 vans valued at $221,000.  
Cardinal’s commitment also includes cash donations and volunteerism.  Our process includes identification of key communities (organizations that align with our mission), related communities those that indirectly support our clients) and at large (important organizations that benefit the community as a whole). Identifying these communities will ensure that Cardinal supports communities that align with our mission.


Austin in home & Southwind clients take a break from social skills to go fishing & have a picnic at East Side Lake.

Travel time!

In June I had the pleasure of taking two clients Amy and Tiffany from Orchard Creek to the Quad Cities.  We went to the Field of Dreams, where the movie was filmed.  We got to go to the John Deere Museum and had lots of fun sitting in the tractors.  We went on a big river boat cruise and learned fun facts about that area.  We went to the Zoo and got to see up close two giraffes, among other animals.  We got to explore the mall and we got to have fun dining out.  At the hotel we swam in the pool. The ladies had a great time!

Submitted by Heidi Jensen DSP

Having FUN!

Every once in awhile we all have to take a some time out from working hard to have fun!

Craft time!

Cassie from Indian heights taught a Decoupage class at Cardinal and everyone left with a beautiful new bottle!

Meet Andrew!

Prairie View Place opened up December 1, 2015 and is the home of Andrew. He grew up in Chatfield and is doing well transitioning to a bigger city in Rochester. We call him the Master Griller due to his love and dedication into making delicious food on his grill. Andrew enjoys various outside activities. He recently has been introduced to morel mushroom hunting by our evening staff, Tyler. Andrew enjoys anything that helps him get “dirty, dirty” and can be classified as an outdoorsman. He can also be spotted walking around downtown and working out at the YMCA. Andrew is happy in his new place and is proud to call it his home.