Cardinal’s Receipt of the Minnesota Excellence Award

We recently shared information about our use of the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence and the evaluation process through the Performance Excellence Network (PEN) that included a Site Visit in February.  (This was our fourth evaluation cycle since 2007.)  For organizations undergoing the assessment process, the final step is to be considered for recognition by a panel of judges.  The judges determine which of four levels of recognition will be awarded.  Their decision is based on a number of factors including responsiveness to the Baldrige Criteria, commitment to continuous improvement, momentum in the improvement journey, and sustainability of improvements that have been made.


In 2007, Cardinal received the “Commitment” level (what I affectionately call the “beginner” award) of what was then known as the Minnesota Quality Award.  In 2009 we took a step up to the “Advancement” level, reflecting an improvement in our responsiveness to the criteria and in the other factors described above.  In 2011, we reached the “Achievement” level (and it was with this award cycle that the award was renamed to the Minnesota Performance Excellence Award), demonstrating further growth and improvement.  Each of these awards has been an important milestone for our improvement journey, demonstrating the ongoing commitment of the Cardinal team to be a better provider for our clients, a better employer, and a better member of our communities.


I’m delighted to share that this month PEN announced that Cardinal has been awarded the “Excellence” level of the 2013 Minnesota Performance Excellence Award.  This is the highest level of recognition and a great honor.  The award symbolizes that Cardinal’s use of Baldrige and other improvement frameworks has enabled us to be among the highest-performing organizations as measured by the Baldrige Criteria.  We are deeply honored by this recognition, as it is an acknowledgement of the work we have done to ensure that we are moving ever closer to truly living our mission to “provide a safe, happy living environment for our clients.”  This is the result of many years of improvement efforts by people throughout the company.
Congratulations to all of my colleagues at Cardinal!
Written by Michael Garner, Director of Operations

Photo: President/CEO Jack Priggen at the Performance Excellence Network recognition event.


Just a few of the many people who have made this journey a success.

Just a few of the many people who have made this journey a success.

Jack's acceptance speech.

Jack’s acceptance speech.